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Supreme Court rules regulate borrowing the East Czech propaganda industry positive energy

in recent years, thanks to easing, growth of fast-growing private finance suffered brutal, chaos because of the lack of appropriate supervision problems. Recently, the Supreme People's Court promulgated the trial of borrowing applicable to cases of legal provisions on several issues, 24 years after borrowing the scope of coverage of scope as well as applicable law in cases before, such as "update" and lending interest rate for the first time drawn "two lines". Meanwhile, the regulations also defined the liability of P2P networks borrowing for the first time. So far, private lending and loan industry out of the legal regulation of P2P network zone.

as domestic first a engaged in civil financial industry of professional institutions, ten years to, East are Czech always to national policy and market for oriented, first established has collection rules legal of people funding intermediary Sun mode, and success copy to national 26 provinces more than 300 more than joined dot, spare no effort to led people funding industry of health, and Sun, and specification development of road, to vision guide industry are energy, and left has series series shiny of footprint.

lending legal status conferred by the provision

for a long time, traditional financial institutions together with private lending for enterprise development "blood transfusion", including borrowing to meet the borrowing needs of a number of small and micro businesses, individuals, outside the formal financial system of scattered distribution of funds "hyper". Because the procedures are simple, rapid lending, flexible operation, private lending scale is continually expanding, but due to the lack of regulatory and industry standards, rough, spontaneous, disorder also have a negative impact on the development, running out is not clear, private lending litigation has increased year by year, type after marriage and family, has become the second largest civil litigation amount increased.

eastern Czech head of China Headquarters said in an interview with reporters, the promulgation of the regulations, was legalized by borrowing. Until then, private lending has been in a civil form of financing credit, does not have a legal identity, and the provisions for borrowing a legal identity, which enhance public trust, boosting industry is good positive energy, the development of more conducive to the sunshine of private lending. Ten years, eastern Czech in their development at the same time, spared no effort to carry out renewal of private finance to industry standards, healthy development. Not only established has itself standardization of dot business process, delineation has not fund-raising, and not touch money, and not guarantees, and not lending of business red, continued strengthening system within self-discipline and unannounced visits to inspections, also in full summary 10 years voted thaw combat experience based Shang launched has people funding intermediary experience management series series, from business, and wind control, and case, and marketing, and method works, seven big aspects guide store specification operation management; and joint Shandong financial University Science prepared has first China Civil financial development blue book, on civil financial industry for has full analysis, Management decisions for professional organizations in academic research, industry bodies and Government Regulation, beacon legislation provides important information and reference.

clear interest rate limits take usury Cap

has always been, in the eyes of public, private lending is always tweaking with usury. A problem occurs, the entire industry will be hit by the crisis of confidence, serious constraints on the development of enterprise. And latest of judicial explained in the, on civil borrowing interest rate ceiling, and defined range, and prior not agreed interest rate, and late interest rate and the compound interest, problem are do has specific provides, squarely has general small micro-enterprise on Sun financing and due investment of desire, most inductive concern of Dang is again positioning civil borrowing of legal interest rate range, civil borrowing years interest rate 24% within by legal protection, 36% above considered invalid contract, in 24% to 36% Zhijian of contract considered natural debt. Until then, the legal limits of the folk debit and credit interest rates "of similar Bank lending rates four times."

on this, East are Czech China headquarters the head said, provides of important meaning than one financial reform, to 24%, and 36% two a specific digital delineation has interest rate of ' two line three district ': a is years interest rate 24% within of completely by legal of protection, 24%-36% interval is natural debt district, borrowing both mean autonomy, can free play, over 36% of is usury. It can be said that this redefinition of a range of interest rates, more in line with today's realities, to untie legitimate private lending, and loan-sharking clearly distinguish compliance enterprise as conducive to a wider range of investment and financial information service, relieve enterprises ' financing difficulties, financing your disease and allowing businesses rapid access to funds needed to meet its development needs. He said, ten years to, East are Czech in "mortgage + notary" mode based Shang launched of green borrowing, and bonus investment, Sun business, achieved risk put control, and business process, and funds flows, and procedures handle "four transparent", to collection rules of interest rate help thousands Enterprise out of financing dilemma, for civil voted financing market of Sun of, and standardized out of a article sustainable development of road.

specific orientation of P2P Agent to guarantees

in recent years, rapid development of Internet financial, one of the world's largest P2P network credit market. Advancing with the times is the guarantee of the regulations has made clear provisions on the liability of online lending, which is the Central Bank, and ten departments issued the guidance on promoting healthy development of Internet financial after, from a legal perspective for the first time a clear guarantee. In accordance with the regulations, if borrowers through the loan lending platform for P2P network formation, online lending platform providers to provide media services only, do not assume security responsibility. While lending platform for P2P network provider through the Web page, advertisement, or other media express to guarantee loans, the Court may sentence lending platform for P2P network provider assume security responsibility.