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Central Bank: next year the implementation of macro-prudential assessment focus on general credit

  Rules of the 29th, the Central Bank recently held a meeting to study the central economic Working Conference, and deployment improvements desired loan management, starting from 2016 to implement macro-prudential assessment work.
   , the Central Bank said since 2011 the implementation of dynamic adjustment of reserves and the difference between a desired loan management system, strengthen prudent macro management, promote stable credit growth and maintain financial stability plays an important role. To further improve the macro-prudential policy framework and more effective protection against systemic risks and play a counter-cyclical role and adapt to the trend of diversification, central banks from 2016 onwards will the existing difference reserve dynamic adjustment and a desired loan management system "upgrade" to "macro-prudential assessment system" (Macro Prudential Assessment, referred to as MPA).
    MPA system both keep has macro carefully policy framework of continuity, and stability, and has following improved: a is MPA system more full, and system, focus consider capital and lever situation, and assets liabilities situation, and liquidity, and pricing behavior, and assets quality, and external debt risk, and credit policy implementation, seven big aspects, through integrated assessment strengthening inverse cycle regulation and systemic financial risk prevention; II is macro carefully capital sufficient rate is assessment system of core, Capital level is financial institutions enhanced loss absorption capacity of important way, assets expansion by capital constraints of requirements must insisted, this is on original accord loan management mode of inherited; three is from past of concern narrow loan steering general credit, will bonds investment, and equity and the other investment, and buy returned sale assets, into which, conducive to guide financial institutions reduced various maneuvers assets, and avoid credit regulation of practices; four is interest rate pricing behavior is important study aspects, To promote financial institutions improve independent pricing capacity and risk management level, constraints non-rational pricing behavior, avoid malignant competition, maintenance good of market competition environment, conducive to reduced financing cost; five is MPA system more flexible, and has elastic, by each quarter of data for after assessment, while by months for thing in the after monitoring and guide, in operation Shang more to play has financial institutions itself and self-discipline mechanism of self constraints role; six is MPA system both reference international experience, and consider has China interest rate market process, and Task of structural adjustment and other realities, to promote financial reform and structural adjustment.

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