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The loan agreement

Lender: ________________
address: large, medium and small cities in the country
zip code: ________ telephone: _____________
legal representative: ____________
borrowers: _______________
bank account: ______________________________
address: ___ ___________________________
zip code: ______________
Tel: ______________________
under the People's Republic of China contract law provisions by consensus by the lender, borrower, loan, sign the contract and keep.
第一条 贷款种类:____________________________________
第二条 借款金额(大写):_____________________________________
第三条 借款用途:________________________________________
第四条 Borrowing: borrowing rate of 10% payable semi-annually, monthly interest income for the year or quarter, and with the clear.
fifth term of loan: loan period from ____ ____ ____ year month date, ____ ____ to ____ year month day. The issuance and term loan promissory note 1 times issued and withdrawn. IOU should be there as an appendix, this contract shall have the same legal effect.
sixth source of repayment and repayment options:
1. sources of repayment: ______________________________________________
2. repayment: ______________________________________________
seventh for breach:
1. after signing the contract, Proposed loan should the borrower IOU in the 1st (holiday extended) will loan out, transferred to the borrower account or by the lender (Bank) drawn for the borrower. If the lender fails to lend (money orders) should be default amount and extension of days 20% to the borrower of the loan interest to pay liquidated damages.
2. borrowers such as not complying with the provisions of the contract uses the borrower, the lender is entitled to recover some or all of the loan, about the use of default parts, plus penalty interest as stipulated in the Bank. Borrower caused materials in use in the backlog of waste or loss or illegal business, the lender assumes no responsibility, and reserves the right to charge the bank interest or loan principal and interest from the borrower's account. If the borrower intends to transfer and default use of the funds, the lender has the right to request the other bank debits to pay off.
3. borrower repayment of time stipulated in the contract. Borrower loan needs to be extended, 5th application to the lender before the loan expires, guaranteed, and should also be signed by the guarantee agreed to extend the term of the loan, after review by the lender agreed to go through formalities for extension. If the borrower does not repay the loan, the lender has the right to the deadline to recover loans, according to bank regulation and collection of overdue interest and penalties. Such as poor management of enterprises experiencing losses or profits, jeopardize the loan security, the lender has the right to call the loan.
article eighth modification or rescission of the contract: in addition to the provisions of contract law allows the change or cancellation of the contract in the case, either party shall not alter or rescind the contract. Party pursuant to the contract requires modification or rescission of contract, shall be by written notice to the other party in a timely manner, and to enter into a written agreement, modification or termination of the contract, borrowers take loans and interest payable, shall be paid as provided in this contract.
Nineth resolution of contract disputes, the execution of the contract dispute. Both sides negotiated settlement by the parties concerned. Through consultation, both sides agreed to by ().
(1) by the Arbitration Committee for arbitration.
(2) to the people's Court.